Dedicated Storage & Backup Servers

Our dedicated storage servers are built with industry leading hardware, ensuring maximum performance and up-time. They’re fully customisable and can be built to suit your exact requirements, with your choice of operating system and any additional software.


Value Storage Mid-Range Storage Ultimate Storage
Processor (CPU) Intel Quad Core 3.0Ghz+ Intel Quad Core 3.0Ghz+ 2 x Intel Hex Core 2.6Ghz+
Memory (RAM) 16GB DDR3 32GB DDR3 64GB DDR3
O/S Storage 2 x 240GB SSD (RAID1) 2 x 500GB SSD (RAID1) 2 x 500GB SSD (RAID1)
Data Storage 4 x 4TB SATA 4 x 6TB SATA 4 x 12TB SATA
Monthly Bandwidth 30TB 30TB 30TB
Network Uplink 1Gbps 1Gbps 1Gbps
Optional RAID 0/1/5/10/50/60 0/1/5/10/50/60 0/1/5/10/50/60
APC Reboot Port
Monthly Contract
Server Management Optional Optional Optional
Software Licenses Optional Optional Optional
Monthly Cost £99.00 £145.00 £195.00
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“We've co-located our servers with VeloxServ since 2013 and had nothing but first class service. Using VeloxServ has been one of the best decisions we've ever made.”

David Billington | Director

“We have received 100% uptime since the day we moved and performance is far superior to anything we have experienced with previous suppliers. ”

Gareth Jones | CEO

“We've been using Veloxserv for just over 3 years now and they have been fantastic. The network is solid and we've never had any unexpected downtime.”

Neil McDonald | Technical Director