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1U, 2U, 3U & 4U Colocation

Our single server colocation offers exceptional value for businesses requiring colocation hosting with easy access to the Midlands and London. We provide 1U, 2U, 3U, or 4U of rack space, along with generous power allocation, five free IP addresses, and ample bandwidth.

Each single server colocation package comes with dual power ports fed from diverse UPS strings and a range of high-bandwidth, high-power options. This ensures your equipment is always powered up and ready to go, even in the event of a power outage or other disruptions.

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Quarter Rack Colocation

Quarter racks provide customers with an added layer of physical security for their servers by offering their own locked front and rear doors. These quarter racks are a section of a full cabinet with a combination lock security that can only be accessed by the customer and our data centre staff.

Our quarter racks are equipped with dual A+B power feeds up to 8A per rack and up to 10Gbps connectivity billed per TB or in CDR models, providing the flexibility to meet your business's unique requirements. With our quarter rack options, you can have peace of mind that your equipment is secure and easily accessible when you need it.

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Half Rack Colocation

A half rack provides even more dedicated space and enhanced physical security for customers who need to host their servers and communications equipment. With a locked front and rear door, you'll have complete control over access to your equipment.

Our half racks come with generous A+B power feeds, providing extra redundancy and reliability for your equipment. With double the amount of rack space compared to a quarter rack, you'll have ample room to expand your infrastructure as needed. Plus, you'll have the added peace of mind knowing that your equipment is housed in a secure and private environment.

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Full Rack Colocation

Our full rack colocation packages offer unparalleled flexibility and can be fully customized to meet your specific requirements. With power starting at 8 Amps and the ability to increase in 1 Amp increments up to 32 Amps per rack, you can rest assured that your equipment will receive the power it needs to operate at optimal levels.

Each full rack comes with A+B Power Feeds as standard, ensuring redundancy and uninterrupted service. Additionally, we include 30 minutes of remote hands support, allowing you to focus on your core business operations while our expert team handles any technical tasks.

Our generous transit allocation can be billed either in CDR or per TB, depending on your needs. With our full rack colocation packages, you'll have everything you need to ensure the smooth operation of your critical applications and services.

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Caged Area Colocation

For customers who require the utmost level of control and security for their colocation environment, a dedicated caged area is the perfect solution.

Our caged areas provide physical separation from other customers, allowing you to have complete control over your own environment. This is particularly beneficial for customers who have multiple full racks or host highly sensitive data such as financial or patient data.

We can customise the resilience and security of your caged area to suit your specific needs. Our team can work with you to ensure that your caged area meets all of your requirements, including power, cooling, and connectivity. Plus, our caged areas are constructed using high-quality materials, providing an extra layer of physical security for your equipment.

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Private Data Suite

Customised to suit each client's needs and can include features such as redundant power and cooling, fire suppression systems, biometric access controls, and more.

Our team of experts will work closely with you to design, implement, and manage your private data hall, ensuring that it meets your specific needs and provides the highest level of security and reliability for your mission-critical systems.

With our private data halls, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data and systems are protected in a secure and controlled environment, while also having the flexibility to scale and adapt as your business grows and evolves. Contact us today to discuss your private data hall requirements.

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