Rack Colocation Hosting

We cater for a range of rack colocation requirements from partial rack services up to bespoke dedicated suites, all in our highly secure, resilient, Tier 3 data centres in Wolverhampton, in the West Midlands and London.

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Quarter Rack Colocation

Quarter racks allow customers to host their servers with additional physical security including their own locked front and rear doors.

A quarter rack is a section of a full cabinet with its own combination lock security, only accessible by you and our data centre staff. All quarter racks have the option of A+B power feeds and up to 10Gbps Connectivity billed per TB or in CDR models.

Midlands Quarter Rack London Quarter Rack



Half Rack Colocation

Much like a quarter rack, a half rack allows customers to host their servers and comms equipment in their own private rack space with their own locked front and rear doors offering additional physical security compared to shared colocation.

A half rack is completely dedicated to you, with its own combination code security. All half racks come with A+B power feeds as standard and offer double the amount of rack space compared to a quarter rack.

Midlands Half Rack London Half Rack



Full Rack Colocation

Our full rack colocation packages are flexible and can be completely tailored to your requirements. Starting from 8 Amps power, this can be increased in 1 Amp increments all the way up to 32 Amps per rack.

A+B Power Feeds come as standard with full racks along with 30 minutes remote hands and a generous transit allocation billed in CDR or per TB.

Midlands Full Rack London Full Rack



Caged Areas & Private Suites

For customers who have multiple full racks or host highly sensitive data such as financial or patient data, a dedicated caged area or private suite is the perfect solution.

A caged area or private suite gives you further control of your colocation environment without the costs of building your own data centre. Resilience and Security can be customised to suit each clients needs.

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